Dermal Filler

​Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that are injected beneath the skin to replenish volume, smooth lines, soften wrinkles, and enhance facial contours.

Depending on the treatment chosen, facial fillers can enhance your look by:

  • Lifting and projecting eyebrows

  • Reviving eye-area

  • Adding volume to temples

  • Plumping your lips

  • Soften lines around eyes

  • Add definition and hydration to lips

  • Contouring your chin and jawline

Treatment Areas



Using a Juvéderm® filler called Voluma®, we can restore lost volume and diminish the concavity of the temple area. Adding volume to the temple helps restore the look and shape of the upper face often leaving clients looking more youthful.



Looking tired or have hollows under your eyes? You’re in luck! Under-eye filler is a soft approach to lessen dark circles and shadowing, which results in a natural-looking result.



Filler for the cheeks can help restore lost volume and lift the face. Cheek filler can also contour the cheekbone and enhance the shape and profile of the face.



Chin augmentation can give a more balanced profile and reduce the look of a receding or double chin. The neck and jawline can also look more defined if you have more distinction between face and neck. 



Lip enhancement is a common treatment at Rejuvenation. Lip fillers add volume and hydration to the lips, giving them a more even, plumper and youthful look.


Smile Lines

As you age, the skin becomes more lax and can cause more prominent nasolabial folds. Filler can help lessen the appearance of smile lines and give the lower half of the face a more seamless look.



The jawline is what separates our neck from our face. As we age, we begin to lose this definition. Restoring the contour of the jawline can minimize the look of jowls and enhance the side profile. 



Administering micro-droplets of Volite® to the surface of the skin helps grasp water, giving.