Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a referral to see a dermatologist?

Yes, you do need a referral to see our dermatologists. You can either get one from your family doctor, or you can visit one of our in-house General Practitioners who can then refer you to one of our derms.

How long does an appointment take?

The doctors at Rejuvenation see a variety of concerns from acne to cancer, which means that longer wait times are not uncommon. As a general estimation, aim for around an hour.

Is there a waitlist/cancellation list?

No, Rejuvenation does not currently have a waitlist/cancellation program. If you wish to see the specialist sooner, we suggest going to see your family doctor for a Rapid Access Form. (These can be accessed from the footer of the website.)

Will my treatment be covered by insurance?

It depends on the treatment! Costs will be discussed during your consultation before any treatment is performed.

How much does a consultation cost?

Nothing! All consultations are complimentary at Rejuvenation. We want to ensure you understand the treatment fully before booking anything.


What can I do to prevent bruising?

There are a few things to prevent swelling and bruising. We recommend to refrain from taking any blood thinners, drinking alcohol, or consuming any caffeine immediately before or after your treatment.

How much does Botox® and filler cost and how much will I need?

The price of Botox® and fillers vary. Depending on the desired look, the amount of units needed for Botox® and the number of syringes for filler will be discussed during your consultation. For more pricing information, we suggest booking a complimentary consultation to discuss options with our skin specialists.

What brands of fillers do you offer?

Rejuvenation proudly offers Juvéderm® and Revanesse®.

How long does Botox® take to 'kick in'?

While every patient is different, most people see initial results after 7 days.

How long does Botox® and filler last?

Botox® generally lasts, on average, 4 months. Filler can last anywhere from 12-36 months. However, this varies from person to person, which product was used, the area treated, and the quantity of product used.

What do I have to do after a filler treatment?

There are a few things you can do! 1. Sleep on your back for two nights after your appointment. 2. Refrain from strenuous activity for 24 hours. and no yoga/ any activity where you put your head between your knees for 24 hours.

Does Botox® or filler hurt?

We try to make your injectable appointment as enjoyable as possible. During your consultation, we will go over the options available to ensure you are comfortable.

What is the downtime after my injectable appointment?

Botox® - Depending on skin sensitivity, pinpoint bruising or bleeding is possible. Filler - Bruising and swelling are possible and can potentially last for a few days. Sleeping with an extra pillow at night and the use of ice packs can reduce swelling.


Do I have to shave before my laser hair removal treatment?

Yes, please! There is a $50+tax 'shave fee' if the patient has not shaven the treatment area.


Can a person with mild ezcema undergo laser treatment?

That depends on the laser treatment you require. Ideally, we would wait until the eczema calms down before proceeding with a laser. We can, however, do facial and peel treatments!

Do you offer treatments for melasma?

Yes, we have the Fotona QX Max laser, Clear & Brilliant, and PicoWay which effectively help minimize melasma without stimulating it. We can also use medical grade skin care to help prevent pigment and maintain results from lasers.

What treatment can help with my redness?

We have a laser called Vbeam that targets blood and vascular lesions in the skin. It helps with diffused redness, facial veins, and red markings to help even out tone. Best part is, no downtime!

What’s the difference between dermalinfusion and hydrafacial?

Our dermalinfusion utilizes physical exfoliation by manually removing dead skin build up while infusing a custom serum at the same time. Our HydraFacial utilizes chemical exfoliation with different ingredients such as acids to remove dead skin build up.

What does the Cleaer + Brilliant treat?

Our Clear & Brilliant laser treats pigmentation, melasma, pores, tone, and texture. It also stimulates collagen for anti-aging.