A melanin-specific laser is the most effective way to treat pigmented or brown spots on the skin. The PicoWay® is an advanced type of pigmented targeted laser that can treat conditions such as freckles, lentigos (sunspots), seborrheic keratoses (age spots), some types of nevi (moles) and birthmarks.


It is imperative that your dermatologist ensures birthmarks and moles are benign and have no trace of cancer before using this device. This is often done with a small sample biopsy, which is analyzed under a microscope to rule out any worrisome features.


The PicoWay® is well known for its efficient tattoo removal treatment. The device has three separate wavelengths which allow it to specifically target and destroy different colour ink. The PicoWay® is equipped with the newest generation of technology which allows it to generate very short picosecond laser pulses. Short duration laser pulses improve the effectiveness of treatment and minimizes damage to the surrounding unaffected skin.