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Pores, Pico, and Instagram Filters

Jalyn G.

Pores, Pico, and Instagram Filters

By: Jayln

In the digital era of Instagram filters and photoshopping it seems we are constantly being inundated with photos of “perfect, pore-less skin”, or the latest greatest makeup primer that promises to “shrink and blur” pores.

When asking our Advanced Laser Specialist and nurse Jalyn what she recommends to her clients for pore reducing, she had a few surprising tips. “Firstly, pore size is genetic, and you can’t always win against mother nature. Pore size can wax and wane depending on a few different factors. With age and repeated UV exposure, the collagen and elastin that support the skin diminish, leading to open pores. Enlarged pores are also often a result of dead skin buildup and excess oil, causing the pores to stretch and expand.”

“Although pore size is largely determined by genetics, we can reliably shrink pores with laser technology such as the PicoWay or Clear and Brilliant. Both lasers have little to no downtime and both can produce collagen and elastin, leading to tighter pores and an overall skin tightening effect.”

Furthermore, what we put on our skin can affect pore size. Jalyn recommends evidenced based skin care ingredients such as vitamin A (retinol), vitamin B3 (niacinamide), and vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid). She lovingly refers to these as “our ABC’s of skincare”. “These ingredients, especially when combined, help with signs of photoaging, wrinkles, skin smoothing, redness, hyperpigmentation, post inflammatory spots, melasma, and pore tightening.”

To get her ABCs, Jalyn told us her favourite products are the SkinMedica retinol serum, Ocosmetics B3 serum, and the Vivier Vitamin C E peptide serum, all available at our clinic and our online store. Coupled with an SPF 30 or higher she says, “you’re sure to see noticeable results and you’ll be able to ditch that filter or primer for a real-life filter.”

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