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Tattoo Removal

Effectively clears a wide range of tattoo colours

PicoWay treats multi-colored tattoos on different skin types. PicoWay utilizes unique picosecond laser technology to deliver fast, comfortable treatments – more than any other traditional laser tattoo removal solution available*. Unlike traditional lasers, PicoWay delivers energy to the targeted ink in ultra-short pulses that are so fast, they’re measured in picosecond.

What to Expect

Speak with a nurse today on how regularly you should receive treatment. Patient comfort is one of the utmost priorities for Rejuvenation; a topical numbing will be applied to the area to help ease any discomfort.

With this particular tattoo removal treatment, there is low to no downtime.

During the treatment, the majority of patients report mild to no discomfort. The most common immediate side effect includes mild redness swelling and pinpoints bleeding.

Pricing depends on the tattoo size and colour; please book a complimentary consultation to find out more about pricing.

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