Lasers have been used to selectively treat a number of vascular-type lesions for years. Vbeam is a type of pulsed dye laser that is very specific for treating blood vessels.


Common conditions needing pulsed dye laser include

  • rosacea

  • angiomas

  • telangiectasias (broken blood vessels)

  • sun damage (poikiloderma)


One of the advantages of pulsed dye laser is its superior safety. Scarring is considerably rare when using this device, whereas scarring can be common among other skin treatment methods like surgery or electrocautery. 

Although bruising can occur with pulsed dye laser, the Vbeam, in particular, has an ultra-long pulse duration which can help achieve more even results and greatly reduces the risk of bruising. Vbeam is incredibly customizable allowing dermatologists to precisely target the size and type of skin condition being treated.